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To reach specific members of the Rigi group, please click on their names, listed below, to view their e-mail, regular mail, and internet addresses.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Hausi Müller, Professor


Peggy Storey, Assistant Professor

Current Members (in alphabetical order)

Piotr Kaminski, PhD student
Jochen Stier, MSc; RA; PhD Student
Qin Zhu, PhD student

Priyanka Agrawal, MSc Student  
Scott Brousseau, Lt(N), MSc Student
Yu Chen, MSc student
Victor Chong, MSc student
Marcus Csaky, MSc Student
Robert Elves, MSc Student
Sangeeta Neti, MSc Student 
Sweta Goyal, MSc Student
Tao Liu, MSc student
Tony Lin, MSc Student
Jeff Michaud, MSc student
Fei Zhang, MSc student
Ingrid Zhou, MSc student
Jing Zhou, Msc student
Feng Zou, MSc student

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For detailed contact infromation, please visit the contact page of the Department of Computer Science: [Graduate Students] [Faculty and Staff]

Rigi Alumni (in alphabetical order)

Dilian Gurov, PhD, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden
Holger Kienle, PhD student
Ulrike Koelsch, PhD
Johannes Martin, PhD

Mehmet Orgun, PD
Tarja Systa, PhD, Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Software Systems
Scott Tilley, MSc; PhD; RA, University of California, Riverside, USA
Marijana Tomic, PD

Andrew Walenstein, PhD, RA, Center for Advanced Computer Science of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
Ken Wong, PhD, University of Alberta, Canada

Anish Agrawal, MSc
Brian Corrie, RA, Australian National University's Department of Computer Science, Australia
Andrew Cripps, MSc
Glen Darling, MSc
Ming Du, MSc
Eva van Emden, MSc

Bryan Gilbert, RA
Grace Gui, MSc student
Philipp Heuberger, MSc
Alan Idler, MSc
Greg Kacy, MSc
Jioti Khera, MSc
Karl Klashinsky, MSc; RA
David Mather, RA
Cliff McCollum, MSc student
Jim McDaniel, RA, School for Health Information Science, University of Victoria
Veronica Ngigi, MSc student
Mary Sanseverino, RA, University of Victoria, Canada
Paul Sihota, MSc
Craig Sinclair, MSc; RA
Jochen Stier, MSc
Jim Uhl, RA,
Malaspina University-College, Canada
Anke Weber, RA, ExperEdge Technology Partners, Canada
Tracy Wen, MSc student
Bruce Winter, MSc

Mike Whitney, RA
Xiaomin Wu, MSc student
Fang Yang, MSc student
Ping Yu, MSc
Lizhou (Edward) Yu, MSc student
David Zwiers, MSc student


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